ACH Origination

We provide a service that makes creating your own direct payments and direct deposits simple and easy.  Using this service for payroll, bill payment / collection, and cash management transfers gives you the financial control you need to run your business efficiently and successfully.

You gain increased financial control by being able to move money, pay employees, and collect bills electronically, all with a few keystrokes.  In addition, ACH Origination helps cut your costs while providing additional benefits for both employees and customers.

With direct payment, you not only print and mail fewer invoices, you control when the cash you are collecting enters your account – without having to wait for mailed payments to arrive and be processed.  This not only presents an innovative image to your customers but gives them an easier and more reliable way to pay you.

Here's what ACH Origination can mean for you!

Direct Deposit:

  • Reduced Costs – Fewer checks to buy. Lower account charges. No check distribution costs.
  • Improved Efficiency – Less time required to print and sign checks. Simplified payroll disbursements and account reconciliation. Reduced storage space requirements. Fewer problems with lost and/or stolen paychecks. Reduced manual key-entry errors. Simpler payroll research.
  • Increased Benefits for Employees – No checks to cash or deposit payroll checks to process. Quicker access to funds.

Direct Payment:

  • Reduced Costs – Lower costs for invoice printing, return envelopes, postage, etc.
  • Improved Cash Flow – Immediate access to funds on the date due with advance notice of the amount of the incoming credit.
  • Increased Efficiency – Less time to create invoices. Fewer incoming checks to process. Increased accuracy. Simplified research. Easier handling of returned items.
  • Added Benefits for Clients – No need to write and mail checks or be concerned about late payments.
  • Decreased Delinquency Ratio –More on-time payments and fewer second notices.
  • Pay federal, state, and local taxes online.

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