Personal – Understanding your account balance

When you deposit a check into your account, the entire amount is not always immediately available for your use. The availability of funds from your check deposit depends on several factors, including the way the deposit was made, in-person vs. ATM, time day, and type of deposit.

Available balance - is where funds in your account can be used for check writing or to make purchases. Available balance does not account for checks or purchase you have made that have still not been processed or received.

Total Balance - includes all available and unavailable funds in your account.

Please refer to your Funds Availability disclosure or contact a branch representative at 410.795.1900 for more information.

Deposit Rates
(Annual Percentage Yield)
Personal Savings Accounts
Basic Savings.05
Power Savings.05 to .25
Kids Count Savings.05
Personal Money Markets
Classic Money Market**.05 to .40
Select Money Market.05 to .40
Personal Checking Accounts
Basic Checking.01
Advantage Checking.02
Signature Checking.02
Platinum Checking.05 to .20
Senior Checking.10
Premium Power Package Account.75
Certificate of Deposit / IRA CDs
6 Month CD.15
12 Month CD.25
15 Month CD.85
18 Month- Add On CD***.40
24 Month CD Penalty Free.75
30 Month CD.90
36 Month CD1.01
48 Month CD1.42
60 Month CD1.77
Statement IRA****.30