MasterCard® Cards


The Perfect Gift Every Time

Because they already know just what they want, the CCB MasterCard Gift Card is perfect for everyone on your gift list. CCB’s MasterCard Gift Cards are accepted at millions of locations that accept MasterCard debit cards.

Gift Cards are easy to purchase by CCB Bank customers at any of our branch locations.

Cards are issued in whole dollar amounts between $10 AND $1,000

Bulk card orders for more than 15 cards can be placed at any CCB branch location

Gift Card Benefits

Flexibility - You choose the dollar amount and the recipient chooses what they want.

Convenience - The gift card can be used to make purchases at retail stores, restaurants, over the phone, online; anywhere MasterCard debit card is accepted for purchases.

Ecurity - The CCB’s MasterCard Gift Card eliminates the worries of losing a paper gift certificate, check or cash.

Peace of Mind – CCB’s MasterCard Gift Cards have the same protection and security features as the CCB MasterCard Check Card.

MasterCard® Travel Card

When you’re traveling, it pays to have a safe and convenient way to pay.

A MasterCard Travel Card is the perfect companion — and the perfect alternative to cash and travelers’ checks

North, South, East, or West, whatever direction you’re headed in, there are plenty of good reasons to go with a MasterCard Travel Card:

Accepted worldwide

Use everywhere Debit MasterCard cards are accepted — at hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, ATMs, and more.

Manage your money anywhere

Check your balance, account information, and transaction history on the Web or by phone

Important Tips

Knowing your balance before shopping will help ensure that your card is accepted. Card balances can be obtained 24/7 through or by calling 1-866-496-6183.

For your safety and security, register your card at