Lottery Scams

Lottery scam e-mails are increasing at an alarming rate. They are an extension of the Nigerian 419 advance fee scams that have existed for years. In the lottery scam, an unsuspecting consumer receives an e-mail claiming that they have won an international lottery. In order to claim their winnings, the recipient must contact the claims agent, typically at a free e-mail address. The agent then sends the recipient a claim form by which to verify their identity. The consumer must return the form with their personal details, along with copies of their passport and driver’s license to “verify their true identity.” This is where the scam begins. The fraudsters now have enough information to duplicate the consumer’s identity. In addition, in order to claim the winnings, the victim is required to wire funds to the fraudsters, to cover the transaction, insurance, tax and legal fees associated with receiving their winnings. Victims transfer the money as requested via Western Union. The victim is now out the funds that they have wired to the fraudsters.

Deposit Rates
(Annual Percentage Yield)
Personal Savings Accounts
Basic Savings.05
Power Savings.05 to .25
Kids Count Savings.05
Personal Money Markets
Classic Money Market**.05 to .40
Select Money Market.05 to .40
Personal Checking Accounts
Basic Checking.01
Advantage Checking.02
Signature Checking.02
Platinum Checking.05 to .20
Senior Checking.10
Premium Power Package Account.75
Certificate of Deposit / IRA CDs
6 Month CD.15
12 Month CD.25
15 Month CD.85
18 Month- Add On CD***.40
24 Month CD Penalty Free.75
30 Month CD.90
36 Month CD1.01
48 Month CD1.42
60 Month CD1.77
Statement IRA****.30